“Chewbacca Mask Lady” Candace Payne Got The Perfect Tattoo

Candace Payne, who became Internet-famous for her impression of Chewbacca, just got a tattoo. And it portrays — you guessed it — Chewbacca. In a viral Facebook video from May, Payne puts on a Chewbacca mask she bought at Kohl's and cracks up hysterically in her car while a growling noise emanates from the costume. "I'm such a happy Chewbacca!" she yells. She's in tears by the end. The video currently has nearly 162 million views. After it caught on, Kohl's presented Payne's kids with masks and more Star Wars toys. Within three weeks, she'd gotten nearly half a million dollars in gifts. So, the Chewbacca on her arm is more than just a Chewbacca. We think it's safe to say it represents a cultural moment. She wrote on Facebook that she sketched it herself. Appropriately, its mouth is open wide in laughter. And in the caption, she wrote, "He's such a HAPPY CHEWBACCA!"

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