AMC Is Trying To Convince Us Daryl Dies On TWD & We’re Not Buying It

Photo: Courtesy of AMC.
In 10 days, the seventh season of The Walking Dead will premiere, finally putting an end to the agonizing fan-speculation over whose head it is that evil Negan bashed in on the season 6 finale. AMC has been releasing teasers and people working on the show have been dropping hints, and much of the evidence points to none other than perennial fan-fave Daryl Dixon. It's pretty clear that we are meant to believe Daryl dies.
For example, Uproxx notes that in August AMC aired a teaser showing Dwight, Negan's right-hand man, wearing Daryl's signature jacket and riding his motorcycle. And just this week, the network released a clip showing Rick and Negan talking about right-hand men; Rick's right-hand man is ostensibly Abraham or Daryl. Also in that clip? A shot of a familiar-looking blanket on the ground in the aftermath of the mysterious death. Uproxx points out that it looks like the blanket Daryl was wearing. Oh, and creator of TWD comic books Robert Kirkman penned a little note at the end of his most recent issue hinting that he's ready for upcoming "riots," a clear reference to the meme "If Daryl Dies, We Riot."
Needless to say, fans are upset. Many are threatening on Twitter to stop watching if Daryl dies.
But the truth is that we're just not buying it. Daryl is hands-down the best and most beloved character on the show. What would TWD even be without him? But the biggest reason we're pretty confident Daryl's not Negan's victim? Because if that were to happen, we'd never get that Caryl romance we've all been waiting for.

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