THIS Is How Eric Trump Defended His Dad’s Offensive Remarks

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images.
Why did Donald Trump joke about grabbing women "by the pussy" back in 2005? According to his son Eric Trump, it's because his father has an "alpha personality." "I think it's locker-room banter. I think sometimes when guys are together they get carried away, and sometimes that's what happens when alpha personalities are in the same presence," he said, according to the Colorado Gazette. "Locker-room banter" is how the GOP candidate has characterized his statements, despite overwhelming consensus that what he was talking about is sexual assault. The 32-year-old added, "At the same time, I'm not saying it's right. It's not the person that he is." Trump went on to blame the Clinton campaign for releasing the Access Hollywood video that got his father in hot water this weekend. "I think that's Hillary going low. If you look at her track record with women, I think you saw that yesterday with some of the people we had sitting at the debate," he said, referencing the women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct and who were present at the second presidential debate thanks to Donald Trump's invitation. There's no proof that the Clinton campaign released the damning tape. Related Video:

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