Pumpkin Spice Edibles Are A Thing

Photo: Courtesy of GFarma Labs.
With fall in full swing, people everywhere are enjoying pumpkin spice lattes, snacks, and even makeup. But one company, GFarmaLabs, saw a glaring gap in our collection of pumpkin spice goodies: edibles. That's right, edibles, as in marijuana-laced treats. The company's pumpkin spice Liquid Gold bars, which have been around since fall of 2014, are made of chocolate, pumpkin spice flavor, and a generous dose of THC. You can get them for $20 each at Washington and California dispensaries, Mic reports.
The company makes these bars in 20 flavors total, including s'mores and toasted almond. Each bar contains 210 milligrams of THC, the chemical responsible for the high you get from smoking weed. GFarmaLabs claims this is more than any other weed chocolate bar. There are other candy bars like this, too, of course. Tincture Belle sells them in a number of flavors, including Buddha Buddies and Tokin' Toffees, and Kiva offers dark chocolate ones, but only Liquid Gold has a pumpkin spice flavor — and only Liquid Gold offers such a high amount of THC in one bar. The amount of THC in chocolates like these has been controversial. Gale Curcio writes in The Washington Post, for example, that an accidental bite of a Liquid Gold cookies-and-cream bar actually landed her in the hospital, hallucinating. She was ultimately fine, and the products won't affect everyone this way. But consuming high doses of THC can be scary for those unaccustomed to the drug. And it can definitely be risky for children who may accidentally consume these products. If you do decide to try it, it's important — as with any edible — to pace yourself, Mic notes, since the effects don't set in right away. And obviously, Liquid Gold's packages warn you to "keep away from children," so make sure it can't make its way into any trick-or-treater's bag.
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