Did You Notice Hillary Clinton's Westworld Moment During The Debate?

Tomorrow, the worlds of New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine will collide. But that special won't be the week's only small-screen crossover — last night, viewers were treated to an unexpected mashup of HBO's Westworld and the presidential debate.
Fans of the new science-fiction drama noticed Hillary Clinton had a fly on her face during the debate that she didn't swat away. That moment looked very similar to shots of the Westworld robots that allow flies to sit on their faces unharmed. Twitter users quickly posted screenshots to illustrate the connection, with some jokingly suggesting the similarity is proof Clinton is actually a cyborg.
Of course, anyone who has seen the Westworld pilot knows (spoiler alert) that though the programmers behind the bots insist they "can't hurt a fly," one machine, played by Evan Rachel Wood, does crush a bug that lights on her neck. So maybe Clinton's reaction means she's not a Westworld "host," just a human with much bigger things to worry about than a little bug. Either way, I think everyone is looking forward to the HBO moment that could be featured in the next debate. Maybe one of the audience members can ask the candidates when they think winter is really coming?

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