The Internet Realized What’s Wrong With This Emoji & Everyone Is Freaking Out

Fingers crossed, someone at Samsung has noticed what's wrong with its emoji. Yesterday, Emojipedia's vigilant staff challenged the internet with a Highlights Magazine-esque question of what is wrong with Samsung's version of the "Hand With Index and Middle Fingers Crossed emoji." As New York Magazine pointed out, observant Twitter users quickly spotted that, much like the man who killed Inigo Montoya's father in The Princess Bride, the hand has six fingers.
So how does something like this happen? As it turns out, we have a group for that: the nonprofit organization Unicode Consortium determines the persons, places, and things that get made into emoji. Once the Consortium approves an emoji, it is up to each individual platform to decide how the image will appear in its software. Google made it a right hand and Microsoft made it a left hand. Samsung also made it a left hand, but added a sixth finger for good measure. Perhaps this is Samsung's attempt to distract us from its exploding phones, or, as one person tweeted, giving us "a spare finger for when your phone blows up." Or maybe Samsung is just reaching out to the six-fingered phone-user demographic, following other recent attempts at more inclusive emoji.

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