Ikea’s Limited-Edition Collection Is PERFECT For Small Spaces

Ikea's Sällskap collection (yeah, we have no idea how to say it either) is a limited-edition series of furniture and accessories inspired by the Scandinavian arts-and-crafts movement. Starting in the 19th century, arts-and-crafts designers aimed to create furniture that was multipurpose and functional, rather than purely decorative.
In a nod to that tradition, Sällskap, rolling out in Ikea stores this month, incorporates pieces that could work in any room in the house, but are really meant for a kind of common room for the whole family. It's perfect for any apartment-dweller who has to make one room a kitchen/dining room/living room combo.
The look back at classic design also gives the pieces a vintage feel, but adapted to modern living. They work great together, but individual pieces can be used for a quick room makeover. And, this being Ikea, the whole line starts at just $1.99.
But hurry to your closest Ikea — once the Sällskap collection is gone, it's gone. And you definitely don't want to miss this.