Donald Trump’s Foundation Ordered To Stop Fundraising

Donald Trump's foundation has been ordered by the New York Attorney General to cease soliciting donations, which comprise much of its budget, or face prosecution for "continuing fraud," the Washington Post reports. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman launched the investigation following news that foundation funds had been used to make a political gift to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi just before she made a decision about whether or not to prosecute Trump University, as well as using $250,000 to settle lawsuits against for-profit businesses, and discovering that $10,000 of foundation funds had been used to purchase a painting of Trump himself which hangs in one of his resorts. The Trump Foundation has received more than $25,000 in each of the past 10 years from outside contributors. By New York law, they should have registered for certification as described in article 7-A. Because the foundation did not register, the foundation hasn't been subject to oversight typical for charities soliciting public donations, nor have they been externally audited, The Guardian writes. While failing to file could be simple oversight, it's surely a black eye for someone so eager to market himself for his business prowess. "For instance, the foundation has received more than $2.3 million from companies that owed money to Trump or one of his businesses — but that were instructed to pay the foundation instead, according to people familiar with those transactions," Post reporter David Farenthold writes. The Trump Foundation has 15 days to comply with the order. If Schneiderman finds that the Trump Foundation has violated the law, he could order the Foundation to return all money solicited from the public with a court's permission. Read the AG's letter below.
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