Emily Blunt Is Finally Working With John Krasinski

John Krasinski is directing a table read (a reading of a script by the a cast, normally done in the rehearsal process to make a film or television show) of the beloved 1997 film Good Will Hunting in New York City on October 7. He revealed his leading lady on Instagram — spoiler, it's his real-life leading lady, Emily Blunt.
"So I'm casting this #LiveReadNY of Good Will Hunting, then ran into this #girlonthetrain and thought... yeah it's time to work together! October 7!! Livereadny.com," Krasinski captioned the cute airplane pic. "Howdaya like THEM apples?"
Blunt will take on the role of Skylar, who Minnie Driver played on the big screen. The character is a brilliant, feisty Brit who tells a famously filthy joke in the film. Let's just say we hope they have beer at the table read.
According to LiveReadNY.com, Krasinski is going to be revealing the rest of the cast on Twitter over the next few days. If you want to see the show yourself, you'll have to buy tickets and get yourself to NYC — there's no recording allowed in the theater!
Krasinski and Blunt wed in 2010. The couple has two daughters together, a 2-year-old, Hazel, and Violet, who the couple welcomed in July.
Here's a little refresher, if you haven't seen the film in minute!

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