While Her Sisters Were In Paris, Kylie Jenner Turned To Snapchat

While her sisters were partying it up at Paris Fashion Week, it looks like Kylie Jenner was left home alone. But really, is anyone ever alone anymore when they've got Snapchat? The budding beauty mogul tested that theory out with an extended session that was silly, real, and tinged with a bit of dog poop. Jenner begins her story with a couple of shots outside her $6 million home that make it look like all of Southern California has left for Europe...or been devoured by zombies. At least she has her dogs! Littlest pup Penny is the highlight of the night as she keeps getting stuck on stairs and sofas and barking in despair until she's rescued. There must be some symbolism here:
Uh-oh, there's a crisis: Jenner's phone is only at 10%. Will she answer everyone's burning questions before the world goes dark?
Breaking news! She knows what she'll be for Halloween...and we still don't. Also, you can sleep better knowing her first phone was an LG Chocolate. Turning herself into the classic Snapchat dog makes every one of Jenner's answers so much more meaningful.
Aww, Tyga helps save Jenner's rep. She's not a loser, guys; her friends just bailed.
Oh, this is actually interesting: Jenner's icy-blonde hair color was kind of an accident. Also, she made her most recent Kylie Cosmetics palette go into production six times before she was fully satisfied with it. Perfectionist?
"I just talk everything out; I'm a really vocal person," she says in answer to what she does when media attention gets to her. This is, again, nicely illustrated by the perpetual licking of this filter. "If there's a fake story about me, I'm not going to waste my energy trying to prove everybody wrong. It's not worth my time, because you're not going to please everybody."
Let's not get too deep, though. Rewind to her picking up dog poop. Whatever you do, Kylie, do not try to imagine what Kendall was doing at that moment.

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