32 Women Who Should Host The Oscars

On February 26, 2017, the Academy Awards red carpet will be laid out, little gold men will be polished, and glam squads will assemble. We're officially entering Oscar season, and while much of the conversation is primarily focused on standout films and best performances, there's a huge issue that we need to address.
Not enough women have been given the opportunity to host the most iconic awards show in the world. Since 1990, only three women have hosted the ceremony: Ellen Degeneres and Whoopi Goldberg each did it twice, while Anne Hathaway's one co-hosting stint with James Franco fell flat. Over the course of 26 years, three is simply not enough.
The host is a major part of Oscars night, which has been broadcast to television audiences since 1953. The person who holds the most important and scrutinized microphone of the night shouldn't be so funny that they overshadow the presumed importance of the awards, nor so dull and lifeless that their peers to doze off during the lengthy ceremony. Network officials don't want the host to engage in offensive humor, but they also want to keep the crowds at home hooked and eager for the next one-liner. Sounds like a man's job right? (Note: Sarcasm.)
So, here's a list of 32 amazing potential hosts who happen to be women. They're witty, successful, and captivating. They also weren't that hard to think of...we're looking at you, Academy members.

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