Khloé Kardashian Reveals The Most Enviable Items In Her Sisters' Homes

Photo: Via @khloekardashian
Sibling rivalries are natural and expected, especially if you come from a family with so many successful, fashionable, and famous members, like, say, the Kardashian-Jenners. Khloé Kardashian admits she's most envious of her sisters when it comes to their real estate and decor, which makes sense if you've seen any of those ladies' amazing homes. Recently, on her app, Khloé revealed which items or aspects of her family member's homes she would most want to steal, and you won't blame her once you've read the list.
Baby sister Kylie has been busy decorating her Hidden Hills mansion since moving in back in May. It looks like all her hard work has paid off, because Khloé has taken notice. She wants to get her hands on one piece in particular: a furry chaise longue. The chaise is a stylish addition to Kylie's bedroom, plus it looks super comfy.
Photo: Via @kylizzlemynizzl.
From Kourtney's pad, Khloé has her eye on a photograph taken by Brian Bowen Smith. She noted that her eldest sister's home is full of incredible artwork. This particular piece is actually a photo of Kourtney naked. Perhaps you're thinking it's weird to want a naked photograph of your sister in your home? Well, you know those Kardashians. Honestly, they've said and done weirder things.

Kim and Kendall don't have just one small item that Khloé wants to swipe. Their most enviable home traits have more to do with where they live. Kim's Bel-Air location is what Khloé is most jealous of. She wrote of Kim's place, "She's in transition now so there's nothing there to steal! LOL. I will say that she has an amazing location though." So Khloé likes the Bel-Air area, but wants Kendall's view from her new place in the Hollywood Hills. In Khloé's words, "Kendall's rooftop deck is the sh*t!! The view of the city is insane. I need it in my life." At least you get to visit, Khloé. That's more than we can say.
Photo: Courtesy of Westside Estate Agency.
These features are all worth coveting, but the item Khloé says she wants from her mom's place might be the most appealing. She wrote that Kris' house is constantly undergoing renovations, which can be a pain. Despite that, she's totally jealous of her mom's frozen-yogurt maker. Practical and delicious — that'd be on the top of our lists, too.

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