Google Is 18, Can Finally Watch Porn From Own Search Engine

Photo: Courtesy of Google.
Google, the search engine that spawned its own verb, is finally 18. You did it, Google! You can now register to vote, buy cigarettes in select states, and watch porn! Naturally, the ubiquitous website celebrated its birthday in true Google style: with a doodle.
Google's doodles — say that five times fast — encapsulate the best parts of modern tech. Simultaneously silly and reverential, the artwork represents a marriage of creativity, culture, and technology. According to Google, the idea for the playful iterations of the Google logo originated at Burning Man. These days, on any given date, the website could be celebrating the birth of a little-known female science pioneer, the anniversary of a notable film, or even the first day of school.
Today's doodle: an animated "G" folding a long, green balloon into the remaining letters of the word Google.
Google notes that, though it is celebrating its birthday today, September 27, with a doodle, in the past, Google has celebrated its birthday on September 26, September 7, and September 8. Basically, it's been celebrating its birthday all month. (The Independent has investigated this fishy birthday situation, if you want more details about it.)
Regardless, we're glad to have you around, Google. Welcome to adulthood.
Click through to see all the doodles for Google's past birthdays.

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