Brace Yourselves: Sweater-Vests Are The Next Ugly-Cute Trend

Photo: Getty Images.
Carlton Banks, your moment as a fashion icon has come. On Wednesday, Miuccia Prada showed a collection that, at first glance, might not immediately remind you of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air star. But, one closer scroll through the spring/summer 2017 offering and you'll notice a very preppy staple (Banks' signature garment) about mid-way through. Yes, we're referring to the sweater-vest.
We know, we know: The sweater-vest has never really qualified as "cool." Save for a few fleeting appearances in shows like Gossip Girl, this humble piece of knitwear is more likely to conjure up images of your high-school history teacher than high fashion. But, like other items people might once have considered unwearable (and other pieces in the Prada show, like high-waisted bloomers and Marcia Brady-style flowers), they were presented in a way that had us thinking, Wow, that looks really good. Click through to see how Prada designed (and styled) the sweater vest, and let us know: Is this look about to catch on?

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