13 Documentaries That Are Essential Viewing For Women

The documentary world can be overwhelming. Think of a topic — broad or obscure — and very likely a movie has probably been made about it. Biographies, investigations, social commentaries, historical portraits, institutional exposes... but how to choose? How about the films that dive deep into fascinating, meaningful topics that we don't talk about often enough: women's issues.
Consider the experience of being a woman in 2020, in every corner of the globe. From personal stories to wide-scale investigations, documentaries are a window into the experiences of women from all walks of life. With a camera and a vision, filmmakers can shine light on people and challenges that so many of us know too little — or nothing — about. That includes thorny topics like the sexualization of young women, workplace sexism, gender-based violence and murder, sex trade, and lack of access to education and healthcare.
To experience another woman's life for a couple of hours, watching a documentary can be a revelatory experience. Here are our picks for the documentaries every woman needs to see.

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