Cara Delevingne’s Latest Body Art Is Her Boldest Ever

Burberry fashion week. ❤ #caradelevingne #Burberry

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Multi-hyphenate star Cara Delevingne is known for many things: among them, her ever-growing menagerie of statement-making tattoos. (There’s nothing subtle about that lion inked on her forefinger — and that’s just the start.) So when the model attended yesterday’s Burberry show as a guest, sporting a solid black line that ran from the center of her jawline all the way down past her sternum, many speculated that this could be the newest bold ink in the model’s collection. It's unlikely that the dense demarcation is made of actual tattoo ink (especially since some sites caught it smearing toward the end of the night). But it is simply one of the best displays of eye-catching body art that we’ve seen at a fashion event since, well, since Lily Collins wore the white version of it to the 2016 Met Ball. And the centuries of cultures who have worn beautiful iterations of body paint before that. The perfectly-centered line exaggerates symmetry, something that science says gives us aesthetic feel-goods because we’re attracted to balanced proportions, (hello, celebrity faces). And in a sea of Insta-clones, the eye-catching streak just looks refreshingly new. We’re on major social-media watch to see whether Cara explains what’s behind the super-modern look, but in the meantime, we think People pegged it best: It serves as the ultimate lazy-girl’s costume for Halloween 2016. All you need is one seriously waterproof black eyeliner.

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