These Are The Funniest Conversations You Were Never Supposed To Hear

Admit it. You do it. You eavesdrop.
Maybe you do it while you're having lunch. Maybe the best time for you during your bus ride home. Or maybe you're one of those people that wear her headphones without bothering to turn on any music.
However, or whenever, you do it, we all do our fair share of eavesdropping.
Sometimes, we overhear things that we can never un-hear, so to speak. But sometimes, we hear things that we just can't believe. "Seriously? Did they just say that?" you ask.
Other times, like in the case of those who responded to AskReddit's question, "What's the best conversation you accidentally overheard?" your response might just be WTF?!
Here are just a few of the funniest conversations you were never supposed to hear.

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