Why This Photo Of A Featherless Bird Is Going Viral

Welcome to the latest episode of The Bald and the Beautiful: Animal Edition. BuzzFeed has drawn our attention to one fine-looking specimen: Rhea, a "naked" lovebird with an avian ailment called psittacine beak and feather disease, which has made her featherless. Featherless and absolutely adorable. The condition hasn't stopped Rhea from living her best life. Based in Boston with owner Isabella Eisenmann, the bald birdie has her own Instagram page chronicling her grounded lifestyle and selection of turtleneck sweaters fashioned from socks. The sweaters keep Rhea warm in place of feathers. Also, they're freaking precious. “When she has [a sweater] on she feels super-cozy and is super-calm," Eisenmann explained to BuzzFeed. Rhea's Instagram followers have also been sending in custom sweaters, cut short to allow her the freedom to walk around. How does a bird gain Instagram followers and a viral web presence? These photos might have something to do with it.
Have you fallen in love yet? This is pretty much all of us right now.

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