Kristen Bell Spoofs The Wage Gap In A Hilarious New Video

Do you want to save your company money? Well, you could hire only women! Or so says Kristen Bell in a new short film produced by The Huffington Post. In the video, Bell advocates for "pinksourcing," or the act of hiring only women to save money.

"Why outsource to countries like China, India, or Narnia?" Bell asks in this PSA-style spoof. "When we have the cheapest and best workforce right here in the good ole U.S. of A.: women."

After all, a smiling Bell explains, women are only making 77 cents to a man's dollar. She's quickly corrected by a Black woman, who only makes 60 cents to the dollar. A Latina woman then reveals she's only getting 55 cents. And when it comes to childcare, we're all equally out of luck: The video reminds us that there are no federal protections for paid maternity leave.

This isn't the first time Bell has lent her celebrity voice to this issue. In 2014, she starred in a Funny or Die video about an underpaid Mary Poppins.

The comedic video only points to what we already know to be true: The wage gap is real. It might even be causing your anxiety. This isn't something we can ignore. For more information, check out where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on equal pay.

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