Taylor Swift’s Myspace Photos From 2006 Are So Regular It Hurts

It's easy to forget that before Taylor Swift was a pop star who probably really hates Snapchat, she was just a normal teenager. And like many other average young people in the mid-2000s, she had a Myspace page. A dutiful Swift historian has captured some of the singer's pictures from the bygone platform, as BuzzFeed discovered.
Swift's photos are such perfect examples of what it meant to be a high schooler in 2006, they could end up in some future anthropology textbook. There are photos with totally overpowering filters. There are shots of Swift holding a digital camera in front of a mirror. There's even the quintessential "line up before the big dance" photo.
Basically, if you were a teenager for any part of the 2000s, you have more in common with Ms. Swift then you might have thought. Check some of the "Bad Blood" singer's Myspace artifacts, here.

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