Praise The Apple Gods: It Just Got Cheaper To Replace Your Cracked iPhone Screen

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Yesterday was a big day for Apple enthusiasts. At its annual iPhone launch event in San Francisco, the company unveiled the iPhone 7, new wireless headphones called AirPods, and a new Apple Watch. But, in addition to these big updates, the company also made some small changes it didn't highlight on stage. Perhaps most notably, Apple made an update to AppleCare+. For some of us, this tweak may be the most useful and worthy of enthusiasm. If you find yourself constantly dropping your iPhone and having to shell out major bucks to get your cracked screen replaced, listen up. Previously, Apple charged $99 for repairs made to current devices and $79 for older models. According to The Verge, now, everyone will pay a flat rate of $99 for all incidental repairs under AppleCare+. You may be asking, "How is this an improvement?" Well, for that most common repair, the price was just significantly reduced. As an AppleCare+ customer, you'll now have to pay only $29 to get your cracked screen replaced. Crazy, right? This much lower price is applicable for up to two replacement screens. Without AppleCare+, replacing your phone screen typically costs between $129 and $149, so if you're prone to clumsiness, it might make major financial sense to purchase the coverage plan. You can purchase AppleCare+ for just $129 for all models other than the iPhone SE. Can I get a "hallelujah!" from all the klutzes out there? (The Verge)

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