Harry Potter As A ’90s Sitcom Is Everything You Never Knew You Needed

Harry Potter is a book, movie, and now even a play, but its true calling might just be TV. At least, that’s how it seems after Comedy Central UK created this mashup of the first few Harry Potter movies in the style of ‘90s sitcom opening credits. Goofy music, character introductions, and a whole lot of magic prove that there’s literally no way Harry Potter can go wrong.
Seriously, in 54 seconds this clip manages to tick all the boxes. The footage is edited to include the nostalgic TV static and lines that are a staple of childhoods spent in front of the screen after school, and is made only better by the chirpy font that introduces all the characters. There’s Harry, the bright-eyed hero, Hermione, the loyal companion, Ron, the hapless best friend who probably enters rooms like Kramer a la Seinfeld, and guest appearances from Hagrid, Dumbledore, and Minerva to keep things fresh. There’s also Dobby as, of course, himself, because it wouldn’t be a true ‘90s sitcom without a cameo or two. All in all, the edit makes three years of psychological and emotional torture at the hands of an evil wizard seem like just another day in the kooky world of wizards. At least for the first season, after which it will inevitably jump the shark and have an entire episode of flashbacks.

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