The Most Random People Celebrities Follow On Instagram

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Kanye West only follows one person on Twitter. This says a lot about him. It means that every time the rapper, designer, and self-proclaimed genius logs onto Twitter for a casual rant, the only tweets he sees are those of his wife, Kim Kardashian West. (That's true love at its finest.)
So, after considering West's approach to social media, I did a little investigating to find out who, exactly, the most interesting celebrities follow with their accounts. Celebrity Instagram feeds might be carefully curated (with the help of a small team), but I like to think that who they follow is actually up to them. In a world where celebrities are constantly monitoring their image, follow lists provide a glimpse into what they might really be into. Plus, it's fun to imagine why they follow who they do.
For example, Drake follows Hilary Duff. Did he, at one time, maybe have a crush on her? Is he just a fan of Lizzie McGuire? Or maybe Younger? Did he meet her at an event and think, "Damn, I need to follow this girl on Instagram!"? Imagine the possibilities!
Ahead, join us on this journey down the celebrity-follow-list rabbit hole.

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