14 Killed & Dozens Injured In Philippines Bombing

Photo: AP/Manman Dejeto.
On Friday night, suspected members of the Philippine Islamist militant group Abu Sayyaf set off a bomb in Davao City, Philippines, killing 14 people and wounding around 70. Abu Sayyaf is considered a terrorist group by the U.S. and the Philippines. The group has pledged its allegiance to the Islamic State.
Bodies scattered and ambulances rushed to the scene. One witness told the Associated Press that he was thrown off his chair and saw at least 10 victims on the ground, looking "pale like dead already." There was already a security alert in the country regarding Abu Sayyaf when the attack took place. Abu Rami, a spokesman for the group, took responsibility for it. However, police are still considering other suspects, including drug syndicates, following local crackdowns. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte declared a “state of lawlessness” on Saturday, which means troops will now be stationed in central areas to supplement police. The Philippine government is still investigating the incident and U.S. National Security Council spokesman Ned Price told the AP that the U.S. was ready to offer assistance. "These are extraordinary times and I supposed that I'm authorized to allow the security forces of this country to do searches," Duterte told reporters at the crime scene. "There is a crisis in this country involving drugs [and] extrajudicial killings; and there seems to be an environment of lawless violence."

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