Do You Know About The Golden Fashion Ratio?

Photographed by Christian Vierig.
So, there's that outfit that's been stuck in your brain ever since you came across it in a slideshow once, not only because it's really good, but also because it seems like something you could do, too. You assemble all the pieces, try it on, and...something's not quite right about it. You might chalk it up to the fact that the person in the photo you saw was in head-to-toe designer, or she's some sort of model-slash-DJ. But that's not it (entirely); the real reason has everything to do with how your clothes are cut; more specifically, whether your outfit has that "fashion" ratio.
That ratio is the thing that makes certain oversized shirts look dowdy and others look chic. That ratio is responsible for a bad '90s crop top and a good '90s crop top. And perhaps the most foolproof one of them all — the golden ratio, if you will — is the one-for-one, cropped-and-long combination. If you've mastered that, you've already solved the majority of those not-quite-right situations. Click through to see what we mean.

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