This Is What This Morning’s Rocket Explosion Looked Like

Photo: Courtesy of SPACEX.
Update: 4:00 PM: This piece was updated with a full video of the explosion. SpaceX is pioneering the future of space exploration, but, as NASA has learned over the years, not every launch goes as planned. Such was the case this morning, when a rocket exploded during a test launch this morning at Cape Canaveral, FL. The plan was for the rocket to launch on September 3. It'd be carrying a satellite built by Facebook that would beam an internet connection down to remote, internet-less areas here on Earth as part of the social network's initiative. Thankfully, no one was injured in the blast. SpaceX confirmed in a statement shared to Twitter exactly what happened:
In another tweet, SpaceX elaborated on the incident in more detail. Just after 9 a.m. EST this morning, something went wrong during a routine pre-launch static fire test. The anomaly began near the Falcon 9 rocket's upper oxygen tank. Personnel were clear of the launch pad at the time, so there were no injuries or fatalities. But photos of the fire and smoke shared on social media sure did make it look nasty.
No word yet as to when Facebook and SpaceX will try to send up another satellite into orbit. A Falcon 9 launch costs roughly $57 million. Watch ABC News' recording of the explosion below.

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