This AI-Made Trailer For The Movie Morgan Is Intensely Creepy

Artificial intelligence powers everything from our Facebook friend suggestions to our presidential nominee predictions. Seeing as its capabilities have almost no bounds, it's only natural that one of the most complex and well-known AI's on the planet, IBM's Watson super-computer, would take a stab at something more advanced than your average prediction. IBM Watson scientists worked with the folks at 20th Century Fox to create the first "cognitive movie trailer" for the upcoming horror flick Morgan. IBM Watson analyzed more than 100 horror movies to learn what makes for a successful horror movie trailer. It analyzed each scene in those trailers, paying attention to the audio, visual, and overall composition trends that make something seem scary to us humans. The choice of using Morgan for this experiment is eerily perfect, too: The movie is about a humanoid robot that gets out of control and retaliates against its makers. You can watch the IBM Watson-made trailer for the film below.
Watson did have some human help with this creation, Engadget reports. An editor still had to arrange the scenes Watson selected into a logical story order, but with the help of the AI, a job that would normally take around 10 days to finish took less than 24 hours. For more about Morgan, check out our interview with Kate Mara here.

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