Why Emma Stone Wants Us To See La La Land (As If We Need Convincing)

Photo: David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock.
On December 2, we get to see an actress and jazz pianist played by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling fall in love in the musical La La Land. However, a lucky few already saw the film when it premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Critics gave it great reviews across the board, according to Vanity Fair. During a press conference at the festival, Stone discussed why the movie means so much to her, The Daily Beast reported. The actress has been a fan of musicals since she was a kid and appreciates "the hopefulness and the joy and the beauty of this medium." And she thinks that this movie in particular offers a refreshing positivity in an age of cynicism. "This movie is in no way cynical. It’s about dreaming, and hoping, and working toward something to achieve something," she said. "I think young people have fallen into a lot of cynicism, and making fun of things, and pointing out the flaws in everything, and this movie is anything but that." The fact that we get to see another romance between Stone and Gosling is enough to get us to theaters. But knowing that their relationship has the potential to restore our faith in love makes the movie's release even more exciting.

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