Kendall Jenner Found A Very Innovative Use For Her Phone

Some people play games on their phones, but Kendall Jenner turned her phone into a game. On Instagram, Jenner revealed her "innovative" new mini-golf course that is just her iPhone covered in some bright green AstroTurf. The video has Jenner flipping out at the fact that she managed to construct a tiny tee and an even tinier golf ball to sit on it.


A video posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

From the sound of her excited squeals, it sounds like this was a project that took a bit of time to construct. It's not easy getting a phone balance perfectly on top of an old school TV remote and a computer mouse. The best part of this whole thing though may be the fact that if you look close, you can see an issue of Playboy resting underneath her creative mini-golf course. Unfortunately, we don't get to see whether Jenner was able to get that hole in one. But, being that Jenner won't be using her phone to hail an Uber anytime soon, she won by finding the best way to make use of her device. Innovative, indeed.

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