Kim Kardashian’s 5 Grocery Must-Haves Are Predictably Weird

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
Kim Kardashian-West just shared the five must-have items that are always in her fridge and, not surprisingly, it's a weird list. (My go-to snacks are things like two spoons of peanut butter, Pirate's Booty, and seltzer water, though, so who am I to judge?) So without any further ado, the items you'll always find in Kim's fridge, be it in Calabasas or in a $30 million Airbnb, are... Diet Peach Snapple, sliced turkey breast, mozzarella cheese sticks, charcoal lemonade, and last but not least, a fermented dairy probiotic that is not yogurt. Okay, to be fair, sliced turkey and mozzarella sticks are a bomb snack, and Snapple is pretty delicious. (Kim says she's "literally obsessed" with it since it's "sooo refreshing," and I have to agree.) But charcoal lemonade? She says she's "not super into the whole 'juicing craze'" (neither is R29), but that Pressed's lemonade — yep, with activated charcoal — is a great snack and makes her feel cleansed and energized. But, hold the phone, what the heck is a fermented dairy probiotic? Thanks to relentless campaigning by yogurt manufacturers, we're all aware that many contain probiotics, a.k.a. the good kinds of bacteria. But what if you kicked it up a 50 billion probiotics a serving? Then you'd have the "creamy consistency" and "slightly tart taste that becomes more pronounced over its shelf life" of the non-yogurt Bio-K probiotic. Okay, so that sounds super healthy but not exactly like a snack either — more like a supplement. If you do want the probiotic benefits of fermented dairy with the actual benefits of a snack, we suggest sticking to actual yogurt — or one of its trendy international cousins.

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