JWoww’s Disney Princess Tattoos Have A Dark Backstory

Jersey Shore's JWoww is now covered in Disney Princess tattoos, which she showed off for the first time at the MTV VMAs. Pretty as they may be, the stories behind them are rather ugly. JWoww, née Jennifer Farley, told Inked that she made up her own alternate princess stories that reflect "the reality of relationships," according to Us Weekly. And there's some pretty heavy stuff going on. Cinderella ends up in an abusive relationship with her prince, Eric dumps Ariel, and Sleeping Beauty dies from a drug overdose. “I took my four favorite Disney love stories and flipped them so they are more rooted in reality," she said, explaining that in real life, "relationships are crazy and take hard work — not that happily ever after bullshit." By putting this twist on the princesses, JWoww brought them back to their roots. Most Disney Princess stories are based on fairy tales that are actually far darker and less child-friendly than the cartoons would have you believe. Thanks to her tattoos, we've now got stories as modern as Disney's and as wonderfully twisted as the originals.

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