Taylor Swift Was Dismissed From Jury Duty Because Of A Pending Case

Mark Davis / Getty Images
Taylor Swift's trip to jury duty was apparently wonderful, but brief. The singer was dismissed early in the process because of her pending sexual assault lawsuit against a Denver-based DJ who she says groped her at an event.

The case that Swift was a candidate for was one involving aggravated kidnapping, aggravated rape, and aggravated domestic assault, according to a courthouse witness who spoke to People. The man standing trial allegedly kidnapped and violated a woman using a broom handle.

Swift was questioned about possible biases, told the judge about her pending case, and was dismissed for cause. Her pending case was judged to render her unable to be impartial.

Swift's filing against the DJ, David Mueller, alleges that he lifted her skirt during a photo op in 2013. She filed suit after Mueller sued her for incorrectly identifying him as the skirt lifter, which cost him his job and earned him a ban from future Swift concerts.

For her part, jury duty cost Swift a chance to interrupt Kanye's epic VMAs speech. Bummer.

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