Britney Spears Ducked G-Eazy's Kiss At The VMAs

Drake wasn't the only rapper to awkwardly try for a smooch at the VMAs. During Britney Spears' performance, she politely declined a kiss from G-Eazy.

Spears performed "Make Me," the lead single from her new album Glory. The performance was as impressive as it could be, given that Brit had to follow Beyoncé in the flesh after she did a medley of songs from Lemonade. G-Eazy came out as his verse was starting, their choreography was sexy, and the lip-syncing was just as bad as fans expected.

Then the duo shared an awkward moment. In the last 10 seconds of the performance, G-Eazy tried to pull the singer in for a kiss. Brit very clearly shook her head no.
Online, fans reacted to Brit's obvious swerve.
Can G-Eazy recover?

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