Chrissy Teigen Unleashed A Twitterstorm On Trump’s Campaign Spokesperson

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If you have the time, please go to Chrissy Teigen's Twitter feed. Start scrolling around 1 a.m. on Sunday morning. You'll see it: a Twitter shade-storm directed at Katrina Pierson. "I relate to @KatrinaPierson in the way that I would also be an incredibly horrible choice of campaign spokesperson," Teigen tweeted. Her next tweet said, "I get it, @KatrinaPierson. Get that $. Sell that soul. I personally could not go to bed sobbing into my pillow but you're just so strong."
For those who don't know, Katrina Pierson is the campaign spokesperson for Donald Trump. Over the last year, she has said and done a number highly questionable things on-air, so much so that The Washington Post complied a roundup. How questionable? Well, she claimed Hillary Clinton suffers from dysphasia, a language disorder caused by brain disease or damage (she does not). Pierson wore a necklace made of bullets on air. She also said reporters "literally beat Trump supporters."
And this past week, Pierson was laughed at on live TV when said that Donald Trump "hasn't changed his immigration position, he's changed the words he is saying."
We don't which of these things made Teigen mad, but they made her very mad. She went on to tweet, "Can you imagine giving up as hard as @KatrinaPierson?" She added, "Not many of us could wake up and do what @KatrinaPierson does every day with a straight face. What an inspiration."
She ended her Twitterstorm with a clip from The Office. The clip? When Darryl tells Michael Scott, "You're a very brave man. I mean, it takes courage just to be you. To get out of bed every single day knowing full well you gotta be you." He also adds, "I ain't that strong and I ain't that brave." Teigen simply wrote, "Darryl says it best, @KatrinaPierson."
Oh, the shade.

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