Photographic Evidence That Rihanna Cannot Wink

We are gathered here today to break a harsh truth: Rihanna is simply unable to wink. Buzzfeed UK staff writer Ben Henry has done a deep dive into the singer's troubling history with closing one eye at a time.
Let's start with a baseline of what it means to wink. A true wink would require Rih to close one eye, while leaving the other open. It is usually done in a flirtatious or shady manner.
This is not, according to Henry's investigation, what Rihanna has been doing.
There's a lot Rihanna is doing right in these attempts to wink. Her charm is apparent. In many instances, she's got the right amount of coy and cuteness. But still, both of her eyes close each time she "winks." That means, as Henry astutely points out, she is blinking.
Henry has named the culprit: Rihanna's right eye. It simply must join in on the left eye's fun.
There you have it. Rihanna can indeed saunter out of restaurants with glasses of wine. She can remind us all that she's the baddest in the game. But winking, it seems, is not one of Robyn Rihanna Fenty's many talents.

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