Jenna Marbles Re-Creates Her Middle School Makeup & It Gets Too Real

Jenna Marbles wowed us with the best "100 layers" beauty challenge we never, ever knew we needed in our lives, and now she's hopping on another YouTube craze: "How I Used to Do My Makeup." Never mind that the majority of participants in the challenge are beauty pros, Marbles wanted to join in on the fun. “I’ve seen a couple of these videos in the beauty community and, if you couldn’t tell, I am down this rabbit hole and I can’t get out. You guys are entertaining the fuck out of me," she said. Speaking of re-creating makeup routines of years past, a few weeks ago, the R29 beauty team tested out our middle school makeup to see if the products and application techniques still held up. Sure, we may not have looked our absolute best in the clear mascara and icy-white shadow we rocked way back when, but it actually wasn't as mortifying as we had expected. Which is to say, we certainly feel the same nostalgia Marbles does. “YouTube didn’t exist until about halfway through college for me, so it’s not like I could just go educate myself on how to do my makeup,” she said as a disclaimer. (You’re preaching to the choir, girl.) “So, I wanted to walk you through all of my makeup experiences and looks,” she said, then added, “I can’t stress enough how it kills me when I see these 9-year-olds with like their Naked palettes crafting little smoky eyes, like, What the fuck? I just had no information at all.” Neither did we, Jenna, neither did we. In the video, she takes us through cakey foundation, blue eyeliner, and all-black lids. By the end of her walk down memory lane, things have gotten totally out of hand. Bottom line? Most of our pre-teen looks don't stand the test of time, but they're certainly worth trying one more time for the laughs. Above, watch Marbles' video and get ready to relate.
Ed. note: The views reflected in the video do not represent those of Refinery29.

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