Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Might Be Back Together & Everyone Is Losing It

When Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield broke up, fans' hearts were quite possibly more broken than their own. Now that rumors are circulating that they might be back together, the internet is holding out hope that all our hearts will be mended. The Daily Mail shared photos of them walking down the street together in London. Granted, they're not doing anything super couple-y. And a source told People they're just hanging out as friends. But if it's true, this could be the best news we've heard since...well, since they first got together. People are holding onto that small shred of hope that those pictures mean something more than friendship.
Others are just mad at them for leading us on. Why must they torture us with these mixed signals?
Let's hope for our sanity's sake that the rumors are true this time. We don't know if we can handle another "just friends" letdown from them.

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