Mischa Barton Allegedly Skipped A Job To Go On Vacation & Now She Must Pay

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.
The director of a 2014 film that was supposed to star Mischa Barton is not very happy with the actress. Promoted writer-director Daniel Lief claims that Barton decided to take a vacation at the start of the filming schedule in March 2014, according to court documents obtained by People. Lief called the untimely European getaway a "cavalier" breach of contract by the actress, who he believes was "unjustly enriched due to [her] unlawful behavior." The filmmaker goes so far as to say that Barton, now 30, "ran off with [Lief's] money." Barton's name is nowhere to be found in the credits (for the trailer or on IMDb), so it looks as though she was ultimately dropped from the movie. According to court papers, Barton was paid for the film upfront. Barton's decision to take a vacation at the beginning of filming apparently violated the work contract that she had signed — and cost Lief's production company a hefty sum. Lief sought over $550,000 in damages from the actress, but Barton reportedly neglected to abide by that contract as well. Now, a judge has ordered Barton to pay Lief $200,000 plus interest. Looks like that impromptu European getaway may end up being exorbitantly pricey. Oh, and by the way: The movie's villain is named Marissa. Just putting it out there.

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