You’ll Never Guess Khloé Kardashian’s Secret To Strong Nails

We’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians for a long-ass time. So at this point, nothing should surprise us about the sisters K. And yet, we're still blown away when one shares an affordable, innovative beauty hack we haven't thought to try. This week, the sister is Khloé and the hack is one that fights brittle nails without sacrificing gel manicures and acrylics. Khloé's first rule? Ditch traditional cuticle oils. In a post on her app, the social-media star credits her nail health to a cream originally formulated for our four-legged friends. “It’s so crazy, because it was originally made for horse hooves,” she says of her trusted Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream. “I used to use nail oils and cuticle creams, but they did nothing for my nails. I get acrylics a lot — and gel manis, too — so it has to be a really tough formula.” Khloé, it seems, is also never without the stuff, adding, “You're supposed to use this two times a day, but I use it more. I keep a jar in my car, in my bathroom, and even in my gym bag.” Since both hooves and nails are made of keratin — and hooves require a much stronger formula to penetrate — it makes sense that Kardashian would find success with this cream. (Though, if you don't get gels or acrylics, your standard nail strengthener will work just fine.) Hey, if it’s good enough for workhorses of the equine variety, then it’s good enough for the real-world world ones, too!

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