A Guide To The Most Iconic Artists Featured On Frank Ocean’s Blonde

Photo Credit: Josh Brasted / Getty Contributor.
Frank Ocean continues to wow us as we dig into the details of his hotly anticipated sophomore album, Blonde. The elusive 28-year-old's lyricism and overall creativity have listeners dissecting each and every song. He took long enough (nearly four years) to create this uniquely Ocean specimen, and it does not disappoint. In addition to the nuanced themes that pervade the album, its stacked line-up of contributors is also majorly impressive.
Ocean listed each of the 44 artists who contributed their voices, beats, and time to his new album in his zine, Boys Don't Cry, which was released in a select number of pop-up shops around the country. Those lucky enough to score a copy of the more than 300-page collectable got everything from a screenplay written by Ocean to a poem by Kanye West to artistic (and racy) photos.
Unlike on Beyoncé's Lemonade, the contributors on Ocean's album are not credited next to the songs they worked on, making the whole thing a riddle for listeners to figure out. Some are more obvious (Bey is on "Pink + White"), and some are much more subtle (Elliot Smith, who died in 2003, is listed as a contributor), but the eclectic list of featured artists shows just how broad and diverse a following Ocean has. At the same time, many barely-there contributions show just how confident Ocean is in his work standing alone.

is all about Ocean and his own story, but let's take a look at the stand-out contributors to this gem of an album.

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