How Witches Are Casting Emoji Spells

Photographed by Christy Kurtz.
If you were worried teenaged girls were so over witchcraft after The Craft, think again. According to Mic, witches of the internet are using emoji spells to do everything from taking down Donald Trump to calming the senses and sending well wishes to Demi Lovato. In traditional witchcraft, witches often use handmade talismans, while other spells rely on symbols, which are called "sigils."

According to Mic
, "Unlike an amulet, sigils are often unique to a specific spell and inherently experimental. Witches play with words, symbolic colors, and natural imagery to turn an intention into a magic image — the sigil." This is where emoji come into play: Emoji magic is the exact same thing as sigil magic. And when an emoji spell is liked or shared on social media, it gathers a charge. The more charges, the more powerful it can become. Just think of witches chanting in unison to create a more powerful spell. If you don't believe that emoji spells are really a thing, check these out:
Spells to keep Donald Trump out of the White House are also very popular:
If all these emoji spells have piqued your curiosity, you're welcome to give it a try yourself. In fact, Broadly has an entire how-to guide. Happy spell casting!

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