Watch Cynthia Rowley’s Badass Daughter Surf In Heels

If you thought fashion designer Cynthia Rowley was a badass, wait until you meet her daughter. 16-year-old Kit Keenan is a talented surfer — so talented that she can ride the waves flawlessly even in the most seemingly obstructive attire. In a video posted to her mom's Youtube account and reported by Yahoo, Keenan surfs in heels like it's NBD. The video shows her shopping for surfing boots online, and then, on a whim, she decides to search for silver high heels. It's unclear which item she went for until she opens the box right there at the beach, and it turns out she went for the heels. We're also a fan of her blue wetsuit, which looks like it could be one of her mom's.
Why is she doing this, exactly? We're not sure, but the challenge seems like a good enough reason. That, and to prove that your footwear does not have to get in the way of achieving any of your goals.

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