Netflix Is Coming To Hotel Rooms

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
You might've invited someone over for Netflix-and-chilling at your place after a date went particularly well. Now, you may be able to invite them back to your hotel room for the same activity when you're on vacation. Enseo, which creates entertainment systems for a number of hotels, just got the rights to show Netflix at hotels in all countries where the service is available. Previously, it only provided Netflix in around 300 establishments in the U.S., Tech Crunch reports. You might've seen it: Marriott became the first hotel chain to adopt the service last summer, and Hilton and La Quinta followed. In hotel rooms with Netflix, you can select the service from your TV screen. The same system also offers Hulu and other streaming services, but Enseo's data show that Netflix is the most popular. Hotels like it as well because when people watch Netflix on TV instead of their computers, they use up less of the WiFi connection. It's about time we had better access to Netflix when we're on the go. After all, Netflix and chilling is an activity that knows no geographical bounds.

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