Leaked Video Reportedly Shows Johnny Depp In Violent Altercation With Amber Heard

Photo: John Shearer/WireImage.
The Amber Heard-Johnny Depp divorce continues to become increasingly messy. Yesterday, after Heard's deposition was delayed for the second time, a newly leaked video was posted to TMZ showing the actor, who Heard has accused of being physically and verbally abusive, yelling at the model, throwing a wine bottle, and breaking a glass. In the grainy video, which appears to be shot on Heard's phone, Depp can be seen milling about in a kitchen, screaming obscenities and angrily throwing open cabinet doors. Heard, whose torso and arm can be seen in the foreground of the frame, asks him repeatedly, "What happened?" She pauses, then continues: "Nothing happened this morning, you know that?" "Were you even here?" Depp responds angrily. "Nothing happened to you this morning." "You're right," Heard answers. "I just woke up and you were so sweet and nice. We weren't even fighting this morning, all I did was say sorry." Depp can then be heard yelling, "Did something happen to you this morning? I don't think so!" before smashing a wine bottle and muttering, "You want to see crazy, I'll give you fucking crazy." Then, he empties what appears to be the remainder of a bottle of red wine into a large glass. Heard then asks Depp how much he drank that morning, but he sees her recording him before responding. Depp tries to grab the phone from her before the video cuts out. According to TMZ, the video was shot months before the May 21 incident in which Depp allegedly attacked Heard in her home. "Sources connected with Johnny" described it to them as heavily edited. TMZ adds that Heard told reporters following her at LAX that she did not leak the video. There is no official word regarding whether or not the tape will be admissible in court, though TMZ reports that it is specifically entered as an exhibit in Heard's case.

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