Amber Rose’s Response To Homophobic Instagram Commenters Is Priceless

Whenever someone's being ignorant on the internet, leave it to Amber Rose to set them straight. The model and TV personality once again shut down haters perfectly over Instagram on Tuesday, Mic reported. After Rose posted a cute photo of her son Sebastian trying one of her wigs, people started fretting that she was going to turn him gay. "Wouldn't be surprised if he eventually comes out as gay," one said. Then, while dropping multiple F-bombs, she informed everyone of the painfully obvious fact that wearing a wig will not, in fact, make you gay. "Put on a wig and see if [you're] turned on by another man," she joked. "Throw one of your wigs on your BF or ur dad. Yay! He's gay! Oh wait ... no, sorry, you're all just fucking idiots. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with how people dress." Of course, if her son were gay, that wouldn't be a problem. But his sexual orientation has nothing to do with what he wears on his head or anywhere else, and Rose had the most delightful way of expressing that.

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