This Photo Of Katie Ledecky & Michael Phelps From 2006 Shows Dreams Do Come True

We know Katie Ledecky as an Olympic swimmer to beat at the 2016 games in Rio. But a decade ago, she was a starstruck fan. This photo from 2006 shows her getting an autograph from Michael Phelps, and she looks pretty excited about it.
Ledecky's 19 right now, which means was only 8 or 9 when this photo was taken. Many kids dream of becoming a pro athlete at that age, but for Ledecky, that dream actually came true. Now, her accomplishments are on par with Phelps'. She holds the world record for the the 400-meter, 800-meter, and 1,500-meter freestyles. At this year's Olympics, Ledecky's won two individual gold medals. If even she was once a little kid asking for an autograph, maybe the rest of us really do have a shot at our dreams.

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