Andi Dorfman Responds To Josh Murray’s Shady Comments

Photo: Kristina Bumphrey/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock.
Exes Josh Murray and Andi Dorfman have not been on good terms, and it seems unlikely that they ever will be following the release of her book, It's Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak into Happily Never After. Following the book's initial release earlier this year, Murray expressed his frustration over how he was portrayed, and now the two are sparring publicly again. In the book, Dorfman deems her relationship with her former fiancé and winner of the Bachelorette "the most volatile and fucked up relationship" of her life. So it's no surprise that there is bad blood between the two. Now, Murray is starring on a new reality series stemming from the Bachelor franchise, Bachelor in Paradise, and using the on-air platform to refute Dorfman's damning claims. On this week's episode, Murray tells the camera, "I can't comment on specific things in any kind of book that my ex has written because it's a fictional story. There's stuff that's so ludicrous — how do you comment on something like that?" By "stuff," presumably he means Dorfman's accusations of vulgar and abusive language, in addition to an overall unhealthy relationship. It appears that Dorfman has responded to Murray's shade and does not plan to let it lie. The 29-year-old wrote on Twitter, "I speak two languages ... English and Truth."
If anything, Murray's comment on the book is only bringing its contents back into the spotlight. Not the smartest move if he wants people to overlook his past.

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