This Is Why Blac Chyna’s Facial Went So Wrong

Photo: Via @BlacChyna Snapchat.
For most of us, getting a facial is a luxurious experience (well, minus the extractions). We drift off, get an arm massage if we're lucky, and leave with glowing skin. But that's not what happened for Blac Chyna, who took to Snapchat after a facial-gone-wrong. After sharing close-up shots of inflammation around her eyes, mouth, and T-zone, Chyna wrote, “This facial that I did, it broke me out real bad... I just can't do facials no more, and the crazy thing is I never get facials but I just wanted somebody just to touch my face,” The Daily Mail reports. Been there. So what went wrong? Well, Chyna is pregnant, and according to S. Manjula Jegasothy, a Miami-based dermatologist and founder of Miami Skin Institute, fluctuating hormones can affect the way skin reacts to products and techniques used in facial treatments. “Pregnancy causes wild hormonal fluctuations, rendering the skin more sensitive than normal,” she says. “The pattern of her rash appears to be [from an unsuitable] product [being] placed on her face...[and drifting] into the low-lying areas of the face, such as around the eyes and in the nasal crease. It appears to be an allergic reaction.”
Photo: Via @BlacChyna Snapchat.
Does that mean an expectant mother should steer clear of all facial treatments? Not exactly. “In pregnancy, it is safe to do fruit-based peels and facials, but only with a board-certified dermatologist who knows exactly which products go into the bloodstream and which don’t,” says Dr. Jegasothy, noting that it's especially important to seek help from a derm who has experience treating dark skin tones. As for a remedy if a facial goes awry, Dr. Jegasothy suggests consulting a board-certified dermatologist for help, as he or she could suggest over-the-counter cortisone creams or gels instead of oral medications. Moreover, Chyna should remember that she's not alone in her skin troubles — even Chrissy Teigen's not without her pregnancy complexion woes.

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