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Update: The hilarious Morgan Hanbery, whose spoof makeup-tutorial video went viral earlier this week, is back at it again. She uploaded another "tutorial" that's garnering the internet's attention just as quickly as the first. See why above. This story was originally published on August 9, 2016, at 4:10 p.m.
Makeup tutorials are often informative, inspiring, and helpful — especially when we're stumped about which look to wear before going out. But the more we watch, the more certain tropes are revealed: Name-dropping must-have brushes before holding them up to the camera (“So I’m using the MAC 243”) is a must. As is using a Beautyblender to blur out the clown triangles of concealer under the eyes. In a beauty-tutorial video that is now going viral, Morgan Hanbery at once spoofs these clichés and turns them on their head. Think she’s using the popular MAC brushes? Think again. “It’s a MAC 243,” she starts, revealing the brush against the palm of her hand, in true YouTuber fashion, before adding, “Just kidding, I got it at Ulta and it doesn’t have a number on it because it’s cheap.” After applying a generous amount of concealer, she ad-libs, “Bake the face? I don’t really know.” Then, Hanbery pauses to look at the camera while asking the ultimate existential question, “Oh, my god. Who do I think I am?” Been. There. In the process of haphazardly tossing around her makeup and adding hilarious stream-of-consciousness commentary, she’s not only racked up millions of views and notable reposts — boy band 5Quad added it to its Facebook page, which is what set off the insanity — but snagged a spot in our hearts. Because while perfectly lit, immaculately produced beauty videos bring a certain #inspo factor, Hanbery’s IDGAF approach is more like what many of our attempts at a beauty tutorial would look like — fun, but kinda clueless. “I just see it in the tutorials and think, I know how to do shit, but I really don’t,” she says in the clip. And just when you think the endearingly all-over-the-place Hanbery has earned her place as the most relatable girl in beauty, she delivers a genius twist: Her final makeup look? It’s gorgeous. Get it, girl. We reached out to Hanbery to learn more (and ask if she'll be our BFF), and will update this post when we hear back. In the meantime, Hanbery acknowledged the viral video on Instagram, saying, "Well, shit, I guess people find me funny." You guessed right.
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