There’s Another Jeffree Star Controversy — & This Time, It’s Dangerous

Jeffree Star has had a rough summer. He got into a heated fight over social media with former friend Kat Von D last month, and now, according to Glamour, it looks like vendors are selling counterfeit versions of his popular velour liquid lipstick. A Twitter user first alerted Star to the news with a screenshot from an app called Wish. The retailer was selling the lippies, which will set you back $18 if you're buying the real deal, for the low price of $3. Star was understandably outraged, and he took to Twitter to alert his followers.
Counterfeit products are becoming a big, and dangerous, problem in the beauty industry. Last year, we did a deep dive into the issue, advising readers how to avoid scams. You've got to do your research before shopping anywhere unfamiliar, and take into account three things: price, packaging, and point of sale. If a product is being sold for significantly less than it usually goes for, that should be an immediate red flag. If the packaging seems off (something is misspelled, or the logo is skewed), that's another. And, as Star points out, purchasing from anywhere other than an authorized retailer puts you at risk for using products that are expired or fake. Now's the time to apply the adage our mothers drilled into our heads: It's better to be safe than sorry.

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